How to Manage your giving online

Manage your giving online

Faith and Grace Parish is excited to announce that you can now manage most of your giving online!  Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Simply follow these easy steps:

 1) Visit the parish website at

 2) Click on the Online Giving button.

3) Select the Parish or Church account you wish to donate to.

 4a) Option 1: Make your contribution on the left side of the screen.
 4b) Option 2: Click on the Create Profile button on the right side of the screen and then follow the onscreen instructions to create an online profile and to schedule your recurring contributions.

Thank you for your support. Through your contributions, we’re able to share the message of our faith to our congregation and the larger community, giving people the strength and compassion needed to make it through difficult times such as these.